Welcome to the Hill Bakery & Deli

Camberwell’s very own purveyor of excellent artisan breads, farm-made cheeses, organic wines and a whole host of other lovely things to eat and drink. We work with small-scale producers to bring you some of the finest and most interesting foods available anywhere. From local jams and preserves to the best British cheeses, from fantastic charcuterie to excellent wines (all organic), our shop is a treasure trove of truly artisanal produce. And that’s not just some vague marketing term – we know many of the producers we stock personally, and you can be sure that everything we sell has been made using traditional, non-industrial methods, with the utmost respect for raw ingredients and a real mastery of the process.

And our bread, of course, is made fresh on the premises, by us, every day. It’s a small operation, and yes, we do run out of bread pretty much every day. But that’s an inevitable consequence of the way it’s made – slowly, which means we can’t simply go and knock up another batch when we run out! As our customers know, this is a small price to pay for some of the best bread you’ll find anywhere.

Latest Blog Articles

The price of bread

I’ve just been to my local food superstore (OK, it’s Sainsbury’s) to have a look at the bakery section, and I’ve come away with a sourdough loaf for £1.50. Two things strike me about this. First, the bread itself. It’s quite crusty, not overly so, and you get a few...

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A grand day out at Adana HQ

Just back from an expedition to Caslon Limited in St Albans, to have my Adana printing press serviced by the experts. I feel very lucky to have had the personal attention of Roy Caslon, a real enthusiast for letterpress printing, and to see the workshop where the...

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From Burns to Gill

The poem that accompanied this week’s bread is, of course, first and foremost a song, and as such it lives better in performance than on the page. And no performance, in my view, is better than Eddi Reader’s sublime interpretation — if you’ve never heard her sing...

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